Friday, 12 July 2013


We are having a BaByQ to celebrate this baby! Last time around I had a traditional baby shower in pink when I needed blue. I thought I would share the design with you! I will be posting more about the BaByQ as it get's closer to the date (13/10/13).

A BaByQ is a non traditional baby shower where the dad stays and couples are invited.  It is basically a barbeque baby shower in a very relaxed setting with none of the usual games.

I was lucky that the company I ordered them from vista print are having a sale at the moment and that I also had an additional 20% off voucher so these worked out super affordable! Plus I chose snail shipping as the shower is still a few months away and I can wait the 21 days! For 24 stubby holders I was charged $62.62 including GST and postage! These will be our party favours with one per couple.

What do you think?


  1. I love the idea! We did the same thing for our baby shower and made BBQ sauce for the favors. Love the idea of koozies though.

    1. Thanks! I was contemplating making bbq sauce but I will be catering the party so didn't want to add to my chores lol!

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