Friday, 23 March 2012


My chili bushes were fully laden with chilies! But what am i supposed to do with the surplus? I've come up with 2 ways to preserve your chili for the cooler months when the bush slows down production.

The first is to dry, which is a very simple method. I've seen people who string with up but i decided to use a wooden bamboo skewer which i threaded through the green stem. You just hang these up and allow to fully dry. This should take a couple of weeks. Once fully dry you can transfer them to an air tight contain and will keep for a few years. Just remember that the long you keep your spices the less flavorsome they are. Ideally you should use your spices within one year.
air drying chili

 Another method my mother told me about what to put surplus chilies in your food processor and blitz up into a paste and then cover with a good amount of olive oil in a jar and keep in fridge. This will last for quite a few months and is a great alternative to fresh chilies in dishes.

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