Tuesday, 27 November 2012


We it's nearly holiday time YAYYYYYY!!!! looking forward to our longest holiday since our honeymoon travelling around Australia 5 years ago!!! So in the lead up I am trying to clear out our freezer. A whole chook took my attention today, so decided to make a roast chook! Pretty easy so I am not going to provide a recipe :D But I did roast in on some lemon slices and simply seasoned it with salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. I love lemon and love it with chicken!

As an accompaniment I roasted some potatoes. My secret to making them nice and crispy is to boil them first with their skin on until tender transfer them to a roasting dish and smash them up with a masher, drizzle with olive oil a couple of small knobs of butter and some salt and pepper and roast in a hot over at around 200 C until golden and crispy. This results in a soft fluffy potato with a crispy golden skin. 

I made some gravy with the pan juices. I poured them in a pot brought to boil mixed 1 tbs of flour with water and added it to pan stirring quickly until thick, season with salt and peppers. Yum. This gravy had a lemony hint from the lemons under the chook.

Add some more veggies and a lovely simple dish for a thundery Melbourne spring day!

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