Monday, 19 November 2012


Wow what a busy week is has been! not much action in the kitchen! After the pizza post, my husband worked a double shift so left overs it was for me. The next day was my birthday.; We usually go out to a nice restaurant but I was feeling very run down and exhausted. I just felt like deep friend prawns, tom yum soup, a boost juice smoothie and a cheesecake so my lovely husband ran around for over an hour to pick up all my goodies! Hopefully we get to go out to that nice restaurant sometime this week. On Saturday we went camping and on Sunday we had dinner with some friends. On tonight's menu is an easy pasta dish with chorizo and roasted capsicum in the sauce. Chorizo is a Spanish sausage and is one of my favorites. This is easy and budget friendly!


1 packet pasta of choice I like to use penne
2 chorizos sliced
3 capsicums roasted on the stove, skin removed and slices
2 cans crushed tomatoes
salt and pepper

Put a large pan of water on to heat. Place capsicums on gas stove or under griller to blacken skins.

While the capsicums are roasting Start to fry the chorizo until oil starts to run. Drain. Remove skin from capsicums de-seed and slice. Add chorizo and capsicum, tomatoes and seasoning to pan bring to boil and simmer until pasta is cooked. when pasta water comes to the boil add pasta and cook until al dente. Serve

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