Saturday, 5 January 2013


We were umming and arring about visiting seal rocks, and I tell you what I am so glad we did! There is so much to see and do and the scenery is breathtaking! As you drive in you wind down a road that is lined with rain forest when you get to the bottom you lookout over stunning beaches.

The beautiful corner of number 1 beach
Beach number 1 was our first stop. From here you can walk out to an island which is joined at low tide by a sand bank. There are a large number of rock pools to explore with a lot of different critters and sea vegetation to browse. I think it is this beach that a large number of whales (42 I think) beaches themselves in 1992. That is what this town in famous for, and on all the pamphlets we got this fact was marked on the map.

walking out to the island
a sea snail wanders through the shallow sand on a rock
from the island looking at the beach
one of the rock pools
We then headed over to the lighthouse. We had to park the car 600 meters away and walk up the steep promontory. It is well worth the walk as the views left and right are sensational. As we headed up to the light keepers cottage we spotted a large pod of dolphins playing in the surf. Further on up is the lighthouse and again the views from up here are out of this world!

The view from the walk up to the light house
Dolphins playing near the surf
Dolphins playing near the surf
Walking up to the lighthouse, what a view!
The lighthouse
When we were up at the lighthouse we noticed a few 4x4s on the beach and decided to check that out as well. It's a short drive through some bush land until you come to the car-park that leads onto the beach. the sand is squeaky sand so imagine a large heavy car moving over loud, but a good beach to drive on although it was quite busy with beach goers and drivers. So we had some lunch a quick swim and surf (a dolphin came a couple of meters away to hubby, it's a shame i didn't have the camera ready!!!) and decided to find somewhere a little more quite.

Driving on the beach
All loaded up and on the beach!


  1. Incredible photos! The beach looks stunning! What a great experience for Paul to be so close to the dolphins! Xx

    1. It was amazing, one of the best beaches from the whole trip! The dolphins were amazing! Not many places you can surf in Australia and have them come that close, the only other time was when we were in Tasmania 5 years ago, but we had no pre-warning and for a minute Paul thought they were sharks. At least we saw the dolphins before we entered the water this time ;)


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