Saturday, 26 January 2013


Well after some nightmareish nights we had some success after being a bit hard ball. Last night Israel wen't to bed easily after less than 5 minutes of whinging. And it was at a decent time as well! Not exactly the bed time we had before we left (which I worked hard to get him down too) but not far off, so hopefully at the end of next week he will be back on track.

In regard to waking up in the middle of the night, he did. It was only once (or so I thought). He woke up and I went to tell him it was bed time. He was standing in his doorway holding his blanket. I put him back to bed and tucked him in. When I got back to bed I heard the door open but no footsteps and after staying awake for 10 minutes I decided it was safe to fall asleep. This morning on my husbands way to work he walked down the hallway to get ready in the bathroom. Something wasn't right. There was Israel sleeping on all our camping stuff which is airing in our spare room. Well better than screaming all night and I am happy that he slept, albeit not in his bed (but not in mine either!)

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