Thursday, 7 February 2013


Last night I had an epiphany while I lay n bed trying to sleep. It always mind races as I try to detox for the day. So i decided to get up and write it down, otherwise I will forget it like usual.

A lot of people tell me what a well behaved child Israel is. Sometimes it doesn't t feel like it when you're locked in a house with him and he has decided it is a day to test the boundaries. You know on those day's he isn't testing the boundaries.....He is testing me. Testing me to see if I will crack, trying to find out what he can and cannot get away with. Some days feel like a struggle as he defies all rules. But generally speaking he a a very well behaves, considerate, loving little boy who listens and takes direction beautifully. He generally plays well with others and is content to play by himself if need be and has a great imagination. what more could a mummy ask for?

I rarely need to discipline him in the for of time out. usually I can count to three (to give him a choice and to learn there are consequences for bad behavior) and his behavior is self corrected. If not a timeout ensues and I can be guaranteed 99% that the behavior that warranted disciplined will cease  I can sit home in another room and as much a he doesn't want to be there he will stay put.

So I find myself saying to these people who notice his beautiful temperament (should that term only be used for dogs????) and great behavior that I am lucky. I think I have finally come to the conclusion that I am not lucky! His good behavior is deserved because I have put in the hard yards. No he is not perfect and neither am I. I have made plenty of parenting mistakes as each day I learn and grow. I have become frustrated, wished the day to be over, and lost my patients. But I have earned his respect. His good behavior is learned. His listening skills are not just a fluke (and believe you me I'm dealing with a male a little male and ladies we all know how brilliant male listening skills can be!!!). It isn't just luck it has been 2.5 years of slogging it away. Seeing behaviors that are not desirable traits within our family and within society and have made conscientious effort to change those behaviors before it got out of hand and this child gets faster, stronger and smarter than me.

So no I am not lucky. My child is awesome and some of that awesomeness comes from me (and his father :D)

I thought while I'm at it I will post a follow up on SUCCESS(ISH) we have had complete success now! He is going to bed beautifully like pre-holiday times! Sleeping through again without wanting to cuddle mummy or daddy. And bed time went back to 7 pm as well (although last night was a late one as we had connect group and didn't have anyone to babysit so he came along and laid down on his fold out couch while another child teased him and played in front of him, but he did as was asked and laid still - much to everyone's [except me] surprise  I know I can ask him to sit or lay somewhere and he wont move.) Hopefully tonight when we visit our good friends he will sleep on time after exhausting himself with the epic day ahead of us! Today we are enrolling and viewing Kindergarten, Having our weekly play date mothers catch up and then having lunch with a friend, sewing with said friends and then husbands will come over after work and the fun times will continue...

Israel at the work Christmas party. We didn't have a babysitter so be brought him along (i'm not afraid to take him places with me as you will find out). He was a happy chap all night and wanted to play in here which worked beautifully as I could sit in front of it and watch him while I chatted with the other wives (he stayed in for a good couple of hours!). This picture represents his easy going nature gee i'm lucky blessed! I can't wait to make this little fella a big brother he is going to rock his job!

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