Thursday, 14 February 2013


Well I was surprised for valentines day...the first time ever since we have been married for 5 years. My husband came home from work and told me to wear something casual as we were going out as a family. I had had a long day parenting and was happy to stay at home, eat some comfort food and veg out on the couch. But I obliged and got ready. We drove past my parents house but then he wen't in the back way to drop off the little fella. So it was lovely to have some adult time :D We wen't to the closest beach about 25 minutes away and had fish and chips on the sand, watching the sunset. Lovely! Here are some pics...

Dinner! Fish and Chips on the beach!

Sun slowly calling it a day
Feeding the gulls our left overs!
Sun setting!


  1. Your pictures are just beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

  2. Thank-you! They are just taken with my phone :D I loved reading your Valentine's story!


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