Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Just some ramblings...

Never did I think having another baby would be so hard.
Never did I think we would lose a baby.
Never did I think that doctors wouldn't listen to me when I spoke about my symptoms.
Never did I think we would need the help of a fertility specialist.
Never did I think this would be a frustrating journey.
A journey that is supposed to be filled with joy.
Never did I think that I would have to wait so long.
Never did I think so many women walk the same path as I do.

Although this journey has made me appreciate what I have more. A lot of women who are trying to conceive don't have a son to hold.

So, I have an attitude of hope and faith....


  1. Glad you're staying as positive as possible

    1. Thank-you, I catch myself freaking out sometimes but try and nip it in the but! Freaking out isn't going to make this process any easier!


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