Friday, 1 March 2013


Every Friday Caribbean Gardens have free 'miniature' train rides (this is not a true miniature train but still lots of fun for the kids). So we decided to head down and have a play. It was a lovely day for it, nice and sunny and not too hot that the kiddies couldn't play.

The train ride itself it very very bumpy and some major maintenance needs to be done on the track. You cannot hear yourself think on the train but the kids seem to love it.

The grounds are lovely and you get a great vantage sitting on the train. There is over 100 acres to explore,complete with a beautiful lake and island. Unfortunately the bridge was closed as they were landscaping that area, but hopefully sometime soon we can make it over there

. This time we did not head into the market, I didn't feel like getting the pram out, didn't need anything and wanted to give Israel as much time on the playground as possible. On a Friday the market is quite empty compared to the other days it operates, but it's still fun to peruse the stalls that are there.

The playground is very good, probably aimed towards older children (not toddlers) but Israel still loved it and explored it fully. There are also some tankers scattered throughout the grounds which you can explore and climb on, again lots of fun for older kids, so maybe in a few years Israel will be able to appreciate this. 

There are 2 large bird aviaries which are a little tired but there are some lovely cockies in it and chooks as well.


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