Tuesday, 5 March 2013


We had a ball at Chesterfield Farm, I'm not sure who had more fun, me or Israel? The highlight for me was the nursery, you are able to go in and have cuddles with all the babies. It was a very hot day when we visited so we were the only ones there which was nice as it was not crowded and we were not competing for cuddles. It really is a great place for kids (big and small) to play and learn about animals and have a pat and cuddle.

Baby moo. She loved scratches behind her ear.

The ducks came running when we pulled out our feed bags

I thought this was an emu but it could be an ostrich as it was very very tall and I have never seen an emu that tall.
Oh dear!
Well hello there baby goat!

I was able to catch one of the free range guinea pigs for the kiddies to have a cuddle with.

We came back to the baby cows...:D

Hello baby baa!

nomnomnom goes the lama 

More baby cows, the chook was escaping Israel who was wanting moooooore cuddles. He just loves our chooks.

Israel loves pigs and is fascinated by them!

Baby piggies having some dinner.


Feeding the baas

Getting some help on the tractor


  1. That looks like a fun day! I would love to visit, but have no desire to own any farm animals. lol

    1. HEHE it was great for the big and little kids without the strings :D!


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