Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The relief of finally seeing my positive after a long 15 months of trying was the most joyous of occasions (equal to that of my son's positive and his birth [words cannot explain that crazy rush of joy]!). I haven't been fearful in this pregnancy as I feel that what you meditate on manifests in you.

With the pregnancy that we lost I was very fearful for some reason, from the minute I found out we were expecting I had this fear crush me, and when I saw the pregnancy loss I just knew it was over and it wasn't just spotting.

When I saw this spotting I was prone to freak! I'm glad a good friend was over who knew my journey and she told me to chillax :D I haven't been scared of miscarriage in this pregnancy I have just felt a peace, knowing all is going to be okay.

Spotting is normal in pregnancy I had it with my son at 6 (8 weeks and so bad at 11 weeks we brought forward the 12 week ultrasound to make sure all was still okay) weeks as well, I suppose it's just trying to remain calm and not let fear take hold!

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