Monday, 4 March 2013


This week hasn't been as successful as other weeks, as summer came to a close. My tomato plants are at there ends, with only a few tomatoes left on each bush. I'm hoping that at the end of this week, which the forecast said that it will be in the 30's, that the last remaining tomatoes will start to turn a shade of crimson. I purchased (naughty I know) some seedlings to plant and then will start with seeds again in winter. I find unless they are the large seeds I don't have much luck in summer. The intense heat kills the very delicate and fragile seedlings.

24/2/13 - 3/3/13

27 eggs
89 g chili
3 g bay leaves
12154 g tomato
58 g capsicum
2402 g zucchini
379 g beetroot
1046 g cabbage


Fresh eggs are the best! The chooks can't lay enough at the moment!

My favorite chook! She lays severy day without fail. She is a Sussex chook and usually they only lay 3-4 times a week, but they lay over a much longer period, 6+ years compared with only a couple for Isa Browns! She also get very clucky and has sat quite a few times!

I had so many tomatoes the past few weeks, I thought I would preserve them so I could use them through winter. The mincer made light work and I had a puree instead of chunks which I really liked.

I also made a fresh tomato sauce later in the weeks with more tomatoes. I thought I would used the blender instead of setting up the mincer. Look at the color difference to that of store bought. If you were to buy a passata it is much darker and thicker. I love the intense flavor of my homegrown tomatoes and it kicks butt over store bought. commercially farmed tomatoes!


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    1. haha thank-you ;) I love that we can be self-sufficient in most of our veggie needs! It is a great budget friendly thing I can do as well while I am a stay at home mum!


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