Thursday, 14 March 2013


This weeks harvest was pretty good. We had a lot of warm weather - a record breaker, so I am grateful for that, so my summer garden can survive and continue to produce. My tomatoes are nearly all gone, with the last handful ripening in this glorious weather. The zucchinis are still looking very healthy, but I am running out of freezer space to preserve them! The marrows have also picked up again and not sure what I am going to do with so many! Looks like we will be eating vegetarian for the next few weeks!

4/3/13 - 10/3/13

31 Eggs
11418 g Marrow
5848 g Tomato
69 g Chili
779 g Silverbeet
727 g Zucchini
238 g Beetroot
2 g Bayleaf
167 g Capsicum

TOTAL = 19.248 kilos of food and 31 eggs!

Homemade Homegrown Yellow Tomato Sauce

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