Friday, 12 April 2013


Israel loves balloons, just about every kid does, so how about a self inflating balloon? Israel is too young to understand about reactions but by colouring the vinegar we were able to watch it fizz about in the bottle when the baking soda was added! I'm glad we moved the experiment outside before the baking soda was added, as there could have been a disaster, especially with the addition of food colour.  We will definitely be doing this again when he is a little bit older, maybe we will make a paper mache or sand volcano and add red food colouring instead!

Add around 150-200 mls of white vinegar.  I coloured mine for extra fun!
Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in a balloon
Attach balloon to neck of bottle, making sure you don't tip in the baking soda.
Go outside or somewhere you don't mind spills - just incase. We didn't spill this time but an accident could easily have happened! Tip the baking soda into the vinegar and watch it fizzle! And almost instantly our balloon filled! 


  1. We have done the baking soda and vinegar thing twice -- once with volcanoes, which was so fun!
    I have been meaning to do it with a balloon.... We used up our last 2 balloons on a craft that failed, but as soon as we get some new ones!

    1. I'm looking forward to doing it in a volcano! maybe on our next vacation to the beach (in a couple of weeks time) It was amazing how quickly it inflated the balloon! Hehe I have a large supply of balloons, but I found some at an amazing price of only a couple of cents a big bag!


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