Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I was planning on taking my little family to Collingwood childrens farm for the family day they run on the 1st Sunday of every month. But Roxy the Boxer decided to go and have some fun...She doesn't escape but when we have left the gate unlocked she has wandered into the front yard, and that's it. This time was different. Why? Because the randy thing was on heat and she wanted to go find some lovin! After looking all over our neighbourhood all morning and after lunch we received a call from the local vet saying she had been handed in. Thank goodness! So my plans for a fun day at the farm were replaced with an afternoon out in the hills at a local chestnut festival. These are some pictures from the day out we had.

What me? I just wanted to find a daddy for my babies!

The animal farm was a hit! Lucky there was one there, before we realised Roxy ran away I had told him I was taking him to a farm, lucky he's too young to understand which one!

And of course he had to go on the train!

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