Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I headed down to my second food swap. I have found 5 in my area and I am heading to them all to see which ones I like the best and when I am in peak production I will try and head to one every weekend to swap some of my goodies. Hopefully I will still be able to do this with a newborn, that is both garden to the extent that I do and head out to swap my goodies and chat!

The one I visited this weekend is Croydon Food Swap which is held at a local primary school amongst their kitchen garden. I forgot to take a photo of this beautiful location but hopefully I will remember next month! It was a lot smaller than the first one but this one hasn't been running as long. Given it is winter as well, a lot of people feel they don't have excess to swap. I found it quite difficult to find out about swaps in the first place and really think the local council should get on board and really help promote these great community groups and events. I met some lovely fellow gardeners and swapped some equally lovely produce!

This is what I took along ~

Zucchini, Maltese long marrow and some pumpkin.
Parsley and some dried chili
bay leaves, green feast peas and broad bean seeds

This is what I got in return ~

Coriander seedlings
Celery seedlings
Finger eggplant
Tiny hot chilis
Kumquat marmalade


  1. Hi Nathalie, I was born and raised in Croydon but left the UK in 1972 to live in Hong Kong and now in the Philippines where I am working on a 6 acre permaculture food forest and veggie farm. I hope you post pictures of the location next time.

    1. Hi Skywoolf, this is in Melbourne Australia :D I should have clarified that haha! Wow a 6 acre permaculture farm, that sounds amazing! We dream that one day we can have some acreage and be totally self sufficient! I will still post some picture next time as it was a lovely local school! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This food swapping idea is amazing. A friend and I have been doing some research on it, and it seems to be something that is growing which I find really amazing! We should definitely try something like this in South Africa. It is definitely the way forward! :)

    M ♥ xx

    1. It is such an amazing idea! A great community event, getting to know other gardens and what is and isn't working for them! Gaining things that you're not growing! Yes do try and find something, or start one of your own! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice I'll have to try going to one when I harvest my garlic.

    1. I would highly recommend you do! You can even take seedlings, seeds, worm tea, etc.....

  4. Love me some food swaps! I got local honey last year and swapped my plum sauce!

    1. So do I one of my favourite new things to do! Yum! I was wrapped when i received some honey from my first swap! It was so delicious, I ate it straight out of the jar and it was nearly finished in the first week! Homemade plum sauce sounds amazing :D


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