Friday, 24 May 2013


The beetroot was started by the direct sow method and are doing really well, in the next few days I will put some more in. 
This section if full of silverbeet and it's thriving with the recent rain and sunny weather. It is surrounded by garlic.

My chili is still producing, and has a new flush of flowers, so hopefully some more will come along. This plant is a couple of years old and I hope it continues as it is a great producer, producing more than enough for this chili loving family.
My capsicums are also a couple of years old and produce quite well. Next summer I will add some more to the collection. 
The parsley is also loving the rain and sunshine.
More silverbeet, next week I will do a large harvest and blanch and freeze it.
Some salad leaves with a rogue tomato plant growing. I will let it grow as I am sure the frosts coming in the next month or so will kill it.
More salad greens
And more salad greens
Does anyone know what is happening to my poor orange?
The broad beans have been staked up, just incase of high winds. They look as if they are about to start flowering.
I have a large patch of baby parsley
Some of my broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. the broccoli and cauliflower are purple and green in variety. I find the purple cauliflower is extremely pest resistant! Some of my cabbages are showing signs of aphid attacks, so next week i will get a soap spray onto them!
A couple of pea, a first for this season! Nothing better than the seasons first peas, so sweet and tender, like eating lollies off the tree. In fact last spring Israel and I used to sit on the couch cuddled together shelling and eating peas!
So what is growing in your garden this autumn (or spring if you are in another part of the world?)


  1. Very nice, keep up the good work.

  2. Very Productive - lots of green green green. I come from the brown lands (Narrandera, NSW) so i love surrounding myself with green. I dont know what is wrong with orange, it looks as sad as my citrus. I am however just about to call in troops. Meaning Craig from Edible Gardens, just for a home visit to talk about what's possible and to give me ideas. Looking forward to planting fruit trees. Thank for following my blog and commenting.

    1. It has been lovely and green lately! That's a good idea getting an expert in to give some handy hints!

  3. It looks like something is eating it. Can you see any bugs? Maybe spray with pyrethrum or white oil?

    1. Thanks for the tip, will have a look for any bugs and may take a leaf down to the nursery to see what treatment the recommended!


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