Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hallelujah the stumps are finally finished after wanting to get them done for......18 months! Such a good feeling :D And this means that we are moving forward at lightning speed getting things FINISHED so that half the house can be renovated in 21 (ideally 17) weeks time before bubba comes! We are currently working on 3 rooms at once: Israel's room (just needing to fix a couple of cracks caused by lifting the house and then waiting a month for the house to settle before we paint), the nursery and the study/4th bedroom. So if I am vacant this is why, I ams busy organising stuff for renovations and renovating itself.

We found out some interesting information from the stumpers. The house was once weatherboard and when they extended they bricked it up. Usually it is the other way around, when people extend they weatherboard it as it is cheaper. That solves the mystery of how they tied the bricks in because we could never figure out where they joined the bricks and how they got them to match so well. We knew the house was extended out the back but the front was also extended. We hadn't realised until they told us and now can notice the slight difference in floor boards. The things you learn about your house once you start renovating. I would love to see an old floorplan and pictures of it in weatherboards!

Hubby took this while he was cleaning out underneath the house for the stumpers, I won't dare take a picture of the new ones as I am incredibly claustrophobic! But this shows how bad they were in sections, so bad there is no wood left holding the house up, this is caused by a bad drainage issue we have, something we are going to tackle in the next couple of months!

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