Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I have always cut israel's hair myself, it grows so darn quick. Plus I have always been petrified that the hairdresser would chop all his charming curls off! But  bit the bullets and after a combination of I can't be bother and I want it to look better took him to the hairdressers with me!

Boy did he do amazing. This nearly 3 year old sat still not only while I got my haircut but also for his and followed direction beautifully! She did a great job, only cut an inch off and evened it out really well. It looks great and I think I have been decommissioned from cutting his hair!

BEFORE - all boofy from a brushing

AFTER - still curly but not so 'noying' - this is after a sleep so a little bed messy.


  1. Super sweet! Took us a year to find a hairdresser that would cut my 3yo's hair more than once. He was a screamer! Finally found one who keeps him calm. Well done to your little star for being so good! And well done you for being so brave ;-)

    1. That's great that you found a hairdresser that's good with kids! I think I was lucky that I found one that was patient (and that the lil man was in a cooperative mood)


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