Friday, 19 July 2013


We have come to a decision regarding light switches. You wouldn't think it would be a hard decision but oh how it was! We are on somewhat of a budget. We are on one income as I am a stay at home mum so that leaves us less cash to splurge on lovelies, but still want to finish the house off with quality fixtures.

I have three options for my house, two that I love and one that I could happily live with.
 These are our favourite. Everything in our home is going to be square, so these fit perfectly. They are push button and have an LED light. The only problem is that they are $271 each excluding GST (10% goods and services tax) for a single gang. So just a little out of our budget!
The next is Clipsal saturn ocean mist light switches. They have a glass plate and a push button, they come with or without a led light. If we were to go these we would have led on all of them excluding the bedrooms. These are gorgeous and the moment I laid my eyes on these light switches I knew I had to have them in my home. The only problem is that they come in a circle button only. These are much more affordable coming in at $35 each excluding GST. It seems like an obvious choice but to fit out the whole house it will cost well over $2500. Below are the matching powerpoints. I am not a huge fan of the fake silver and the layout of the plug ins. We would use these only in the kitchen, bathrooms and hallways as these come in at $50 each excluding GST. 

The last option is Clipsal slimline push button in white. It's pain but better than the standard light switch. These are the cheapest option coming in at just over $6 excluding GST and the powerpoints at just over $9 excluding GST. The powerpoints are a bit more average, as they do not come in push button, but if we were to use these they would be in inconspicuous areas, behind the TV unit, in the pantry and laundry and in the bedrooms behind bedside tables.

So the decision we have made is to use the Clipsal saturn light switches using led throughout except bedrooms, clipsal saturn power points in the kitchen, bathrooms and hallways. The rest of the powerpoints which will be in inconspicuous areas will be the clipsal slimline.

It has been a hard decisions and has taken us a long time to make, but I think we have finally come to a decision.

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