Saturday, 17 August 2013


And so another weekend is here, and my hubby is required to work it, so there will be yet another week of no progress *sigh* I think that makes 3 weekends in a row now! The drainage is still half done, but at least the flooding issue has been resolved. And the house is still upside down, when everything is going to get finished I have no idea, lets hope it is presentable in a couple of months time!

But this is not all bad news, it means I get to go to another food swap. It's been hard for me to get to one lately as I have been so wrapped up in house renovations, I just haven't had the time to spare, a couple of hours is a big deal when you are trying to get stuff ready and renovated around the house and only have one or two days to get it done in. I am looking forward to being able to attend in summer when the weather is glorious and the produce is varied. In winter there just isn't the same amount of variety, but it is still lovely to catch up with fellow gardeners who are passionate about growing their own food.

This is the produce I took to swap:

A couple of bunches of Rubin Lettuce.
A couple of bags full of Lollo Bionda Lettuce.
Three bunches of Lemon Thyme
Four Bunches of Flat Leaf Parsley.
Five bunches of yellow silverbeet.
This is what I brought home:

A lemon
Yellow Limes
Some oranges
Some kumquats
A couple of kiwi fruits.
Some grapefruit.
Some kaffir lime leaves.
A couple propagated grape cutting.
Some seedling trays.
And some large trays to house the smaller trays.
All in all I think I did pretty well swapping my excess produce for things I don't grow or have!


  1. Looks like an awesome day's food swap! I really wish we had something like that here but alas we don't . Love the look of what your garden is producing Nathalie! We have heaps of lettuce & parsley at the moment - so fresh & crisp - yum! :)

    1. It really was, especially in the middle of winter too! They are such a sensational idea, and wish it was more than once a month! Thanks, yes it's doing really well for this time of year, it's starting to empty out preparing for all the summer goodies! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. I've never heard of a food swap before, what an excellent idea! We don't currently have anything growing, this last 8-10 months have been so busy we have let our veggie garden go by the wayside. But I'm hoping as we start to settle in to our new rhythm as a family of 4 we'll be able to get something going again very soon. My eldest daughter is just getting to the right age where she should be able to have a bit of fun helping us with it so hopefully we can get organised enough soon to give it a go again.

    1. They are an excellent idea, and the concept was new for me until I read about one on a another blog and I started researching for one close to me! The veggie patch can be a lot of work and sometimes I find it hard to fit it in, luckily in winter it's not so productive so it doesn't need so much of my time, as we are renovating and I am 6 months pregnant with our second. Hopefully I can keep up over summer with a newborn! My son loves to help and look for bugs and it's a great excuse to get outside :D Good luck with your patch and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lovely! One of our local cafes is starting to sell produce produced in the back gardens of our local area. It is a really interesting idea given we live in the inner city! My MIL is coming next week so I might get her in on your suggestion Nathalie of starting a herb garden - then I can get in on the local produce action :-) Shelley (Money Mummy)

    1. That's a great idea from the local cafe! Good luck with the herb garden and I look forward to hearing about it when it get set up. If space is limited I also find growing cucumber and pumpkins up a trellis very efficient and easy to grow! Thanks for stopping by Shelley!


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