Tuesday, 11 February 2014


It's been a slow start to this years harvest, with a very cold start to Melbourne's summer, saw my plants take a very slow start. Mid January brought scorching heat, which didn't help the matter, add to this a failing watering system is making it hard for the plants to grow and for me to find the time to stand there and water the plants, in between caring for a toddler and newborn baby! But we have had a harvest, not as much as I would have liked, but hopefully things will pick up soon!

1/1/14 - 31/1/14

39 eggs
Cabbage 2620 grams
Strawberries 42 grams
Peach 125 grams
Bay leaf 181 grams
Chili 35 grams
Sage 78 grams
Tarragon 80 grams
Rhubarb 840 grams
Apricot 135 grams
Nectarine 45 grams
Lemon 65 grams
Parsley 65 grams

TOTAL 39 eggs and 4311 grams of food

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