Wednesday, 4 June 2014


I was recommended to the west coast of Fraser Island. I was skeptical. I thought it would be swampy as it's the side that faces the mainland.

Boy was I wrong! This place was paradise! I highly recommend a visit to this place, and you will probably have the place to yourself if you are visiting in non peak times.

The only advice I have for you if you wish to stay here for longer than half a day is bring insect repellent. The heavy duty stuff. The mozzies here are in plague proportions. You will be fine down at the beach but up near camp they are thick. We stopped in to the toilet block and as soon as we stopped a black cloud entered the car. I quickly yelled out that hubby needed to return, he was not impressed, until he entered the car and saw the haze of mozzies.

It is also said that the beach driving here is hard. We didn't have a problem, it is a little softer than the eastern side. Seaweed can build up on this beach and be buried by sand, making it boggy. If you time your tide right and visit on low tide you shouldn't have a problem.

Little hermit crabs we found down at the beach.

On the way home we headed back over to Waddy point. The tide must have still be on the low side as the rock pools here were amazing, so many beautiful colourful fish!

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