Thursday, 5 June 2014


Well let's just say my photography skills are excellent, because it looks like we are on a deserted beach, yet it is packed with backpackers! This is lake Mckenzie. If you do not like crowds you will hate it here as every man and his dog along with the multitude of tourist buses, tag along tours and bad English drivers who have hired a troopy are guaranteed to be here. 

This was not my idea to dress my child like this.

After we had had enough of the hordes of tourists, we decided to find somewhere quieter. Mckenzie's Jetty was lovely albeit infested with mosquitoes. This place was oozing with history. This is the old jetty where they used to train the timber onto the boats.

I spy a dingo...

The beach was crawling with these little crabs, the sound that they were emitting was incredible! It was so loud.

An old tractor abandoned on the beach.

An old boiler washed up on the beach. One of the special units of the army used to do their world war II training in and around here!

On the way home we called into central station. This used to be a little town for the logging community. Unfortunately just about all the beautiful old buildings are gone!

The beautiful crystal clear creek at central station.

To finish off one of my favorite days on the Island PAUL FINALLY CAUGHT A FISH!


  1. You photos are stunning! What camera do you use? Xxx

  2. What a beautiful beach with so much history! I'd love to hike there.

    1. It is absolutely stunning! The hiking across the island was spectacular! I wish I was able to do more but was unfortunately sick with the stomach flu for 2 weeks (and we were only on the island for 10 days) so that left me with zero reserves for hiking.

  3. These photos are incredible and so much wonderful history!!

    1. Thank-you! It was great finding all these hidden secrets of the island that tourist don't usually see.


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