Wednesday, 21 March 2012


As well as gardening and cooking naturally I also make my own cleaning products! That way I know what is in them and my home! Its also great on the hip pocket as budgets tighten! This is a very versatile liquid soap that can be used in the kitchen or laundry!

50 pure soap grated
5 L cold water
110g washing soda crystals - from your local supermarket or hardware store
1 1/2 tsp eucalyptus oil
1 tsp lavender/lemon essential oil
125 mls white vinegar
4.5 L hot water

Grate soap in large saucepan cover with 1L of cold water.Bring to boil ass washing soda and stir until dissolved. Stir in eucalyptus oil, vinegar and essential oil. pour into bucket, add hot water then stir in remaining cold water. When cold pour into smaller containers.

Use as regular dish washing liquid or 1/2 C into laundry

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