Thursday, 17 May 2012


I have just put my potato patch in! I don't like growing them in the soil, as once they are there they are there for life. The tiniest little potato overlooked in the soil will re-shoot the next year! i decided that this year i will grow them in hay. This is a simple method that allows you to harvest as you please leaving the crop in the 'ground' continuing to grow. I covered the grown with cardboard to prevent any weeds or grass to grow through. Then i placed a very thin layer of hay on top of the cardboard and my tubers on top, spaced approximately 30cm x 30cm. I'm growing a mixture of kipfler, bison, dutch cream and king edward potatoes. On top of the tubers place 15 cm of hay. once the tubers have sprouted through add another 30 cm of hay on top. You will harvest clean potatoes. It is important not to cut your potatoes like you would if you were to grow them in the ground, and to allow them to get a nice little sprout on them before planting.

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