Friday, 15 June 2012


 Things have been a bit slow in my winter kitchen garden, hence no blogs for a while. I thought i would share some photos of whats happening in the garden.

Greenfeast shelling peas and dwarf snow peas. both heirloom varieties

Rainbow silverbeet or swiss chard an hierloom variety.
leeks surrounding my blood orange tree.

A few types of broccoli. a purple sprouting, a green sprouting and a green heading type all heirloom varieties.
I still have plenty of capsicums clinging on the tree. These are Californian wonder

Cabbage, these ones were from a large hardware store. I also have heirloom January king and mini growing.

carrots, an all year variety.

purple cauliflower starting to form a head

Cauliflowers, i have purple cauliflower and a mini variety both heirloom varieties.

Celery, in abundance!

cayenne chili. so many still clinging to the tree and slowly turning red! it's so nice having my own supply of chili!

garlic. I have at least 70 plants in the ground circling my patches


  1. I am SO shocked with how much produce you have in your garden and you say it is slow! It all sounds amazing! Super awesome awesome awesome!!

  2. Thanks Katherine! I do a have a few beauties in there! I've never had a winter garden before and I suppose it just feels slow in comparison with the summer gardens I have had :D I do have a lot of space too, and it's just about full! I have a few seedlings in my hothouse that I hope will hurry up so I can fill the spaces!


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