Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I have some amazing purple cauliflowers heading all at once! That's 9 heads of cauliflower I have to find some imagination for!

Cauliflower Row

I was thinking of using some as 'pasta', a cauliflower and cheese bake that a friend suggested that I sprinkle chopped bacon over, so last time I made this I sprinkled over a chorizo crumb which was delicious! It was simple to make I just sliced some chorizo sausage and fried quickly, you could use bacon in it's place, put it in a food processor or blender with some fresh bread crumbs and some herbs of choice like parsley or basil and blitzed it until it was crumby. You could add some cheese to it such as Parmesan for extra flavor.

One of the first heads ready to harvest
I was considering a cauliflower soup but am unsure if I would like this. I made a curry from my kitchen garden cookbook with half a huge head, but I wont recommend that one!

I made cauliflower gnocchi from the diggers club cafe, fork to fork. The diggers club is where i source the majority of my seeds from. The gnocchi was delicious, I served it with pea puree which was just blended cooked peas with a little cream and seasoning, some peas, snow peas and pea shoots to garnish!

Cauliflower gnocchi
  Any more suggestions will be much appreciated!

The first of many purple cauliflowers!

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