Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I have had a few people tell me they can't afford to grow there own veggies, as the start up cost of a patch is too much, and this can be true! I think you can be creative about it, you don't need raised beds, or a designated veggie patch at all. Do you have an existing flower patch? Have you thought of growing 'ornamental' fruit or veggies in that space so you can serve a dual purpose?

How about Rhubarb, beautiful red stems with bright green leaves.

Kale, purple or green always looks pretty.

Stick some garlic in the ground, no one will know that it's a bulb of garlic instead of a daffodil (well i won't) and garlic flowers are so pretty!

Who said veggies need to be grown in a veggie patch?

Globe artichokes are such a feature! Big and bold and you can get a purple variety as well!

A bay tree makes a great screen, perfect for winter soups and flavoring stocks and stews. Mine cost me under $5 and is now huge, and produces enough leaves for me to pick from it a couple of times a week!

Rainbow silver beet are so so pretty, with shades of red, pink, orange and yellow, why not add a splash of colour to your flower garden through winter? Something similar would be beetroot, great splash of colour!

You can get some wonderfully bright and multi-coloured chilis! And they do magnificently well inside on a warm window sill! move them outside in summer and you will enjoy you chili plant for years!

Cabbages look great as a boarder, get one like a savoy, bluey, pinky, purpuley with beautifully crinkled leaves! LOVE!

I grew my cucumbers and pumpkins over an arch last summer, why not so this in your yard, no patch required and not much space is used up, just dig a hole and plant your creeper in! I had so many cucumbers i couldn't keep up!

Herbs do so well in a window box, inside or out, in among your flowers!

So who cares if you have no 'patch' and get creative inter-planting in your flower garden and reap the reward of home grown veggies!

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