Thursday, 10 January 2013


What a lovely spot in the world the area of Dorrigo is! It was a shame it was drizzly and very thick with fog, but it was still lovely and added to the charm and beauty of the forest that was here. The town of Dorrigo is a cute little country town, with some local produce and old wares shops. Both of those things I love! Unfortunately no room in our car (or budget) to bring back some of the lovely antiques. While we were in Dorrigo we drove a few kilometers further on to see the spectacular danger falls. Wow what a beautiful waterfall and my only regret is that it wasn't hotter so I could swim in the huge plunge pool left by the falls. But seeing as this region gets more than 2 meters of rain a year, it was hard to expect to come on a day that was clear and hot.

The spectacular Dorrigo falls

Closer to Coffs Harbour we had to stop into the world heritage national park. Dorrigo national park has a lot to offer. On a nicer day we would have spent longer here and gone on more walks. Our first stop was the visitor center where they have the sky walk. We didn't see any views, but we saw some of the lovely rain forest on our walk out.

The sky walk. You can get a feel of how foggy it was by this picture. You are supposed to be able to see the coast from here and it's quite a drive out there.

No ocean view. Below is a family photo. They had this awesome tripod thing that you can screw your camera onto to take timed photos.

Another thing I really wanted to do while in this national park was walk out to crystal falls. I wanted to specifically go here because first you walk over a suspension bridge and then you can walk behind the waterfall. This isn't the biggest or most spectacular waterfall I have ever seen but being able to walk behind it was great! The rain forest on this 2 hour walk was magnificent. Lush and thick with ferns, stag ferns and palms. It is well worth the visit and windy drive out. There are a few waterfalls on the road up to Dorrigo and if you have time the waterfall way drive is worth a visit.

Some of the lovely rain forest. 
Some more rain forest

Some more rain forest

Some of the walk

The suspension bridge
Under the suspension bridge

Looking at the suspension bridge from behind the water fall

Crystal Falls
From behind crystal falls
At the end of the walk I took my shoes off at the car. I reached down and thought, how did that slug get there? It was no slug but a leech, having a feast on my ankle! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

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