Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Port Macquarie is a beautiful place to visit, so many beautiful beaches. The first thing we did when we arrived was visit the Koala hospital. Everyday at 3 pm they conduct a free tour during feeding time, although the hospital is open to the public 24/7 and you are free to walk among the pens and view the animals that have been brought to the hospital for treatment.

Then we went and had a refreshing dip at Shelly beach, which is near the rain forest center. This is the largest piece of rain forest left on the north coast of new south wales.

Shelly beach was a popular spot for a swim.

A goana at Shelly beach picnic area

Then next day we booked a cruise with cruise adventures for the morning and went on their eco cruise. This was only $15 per person and Israel was free as he is under 3. The cruise goes for 2 hours. To begin with I thought this is nice but glad it was so cheap as we were going quite slow and the scenery got a little repetitive. But then we encountered bottle nose dolphins, and they stayed around the boat for around 30 minutes. Israel loved the dolphins, and it was a really great experience for him to have!

Having a look overboard for wildlife and boats

My favorite part was seeing the dolphins so close

All in all Port Macquarie is a great place for a family holiday with so much to see an do. It get's quite busy during the summer holidays and when we visited 5 years ago we went in April and it was lovely and quite.

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