Sunday, 3 February 2013


Today we went to visit Campbelltown miniature railway in Narre Warren North (Belgrave Hallam Road - 9796 8481) as the little fella loves trains. He had a ball on the toot toots! You need to pay an entrance fee for everyone in the car but if the child is under 3 they are free to ride and if under 5 must be accompanied by an adult. The entrance fee is $4.50 which entitles you to the boulder mountain train ride. For $6.00 you can go on the Cavalier ride which is 4 kilometers long but was not running when we visited. I have read many reviews on this place and a few of them described the owners as grumpy. I didn't experience that at all, they were lovely and interactive and gave us a complimentary ride.

You can hold birthday parties here and the only cost is that of a train ticket for everyone coming. Pretty good value, with the bonus of old train carriages to host the party! They also had a playground for the children although I may have gone on the slide as it was super steep and looked like fun :) We will definitely be back here and Israel wanted to ride the train over and over again  obviously at some point we had to say enough is enough and he was sad to leave. They are open every Sunday, Wednesday's during school holidays and on public holidays from 11am-5pm.

Diesel train

Coming into the station

Duck pond, with peacocks as well

Riding the steam train

Round the bend

Checking out the toot toot

enjoying the scenery

Having so much fun!
The playground

Very steep slide!

On the adventure gym!

So much effort to make is up the 'peps' 

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