Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This is the Queensland leg of the journey. We loved it here and spent the most time here partly because we stopped to work twice and tried to seize those opportunities because we didn't know how often they would come about in remote Northern Territory or Western Australia.. There is so much to see and do! Some of our favorite places were Agnes Waters and 1770, Cape Hillsbourough, The Whitsunday Islands, Bowen, Fraser Island Daintree area We cannot wait to return!

Cos "I've been everywhere, man,

I've been everywhere, man.
'Cross the deserts bare, man;
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've been ev'rywhere.

Queensland.  So many great memories here! from left to right and then repeat. Coral from snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. Our first coconuts but above Bunderberg, More coral, On a boat to camp on Whitsunday island, More coconuts,  More coral, More boat riding, Snorkeling on the great barrier reef , Using the resort facilities for free at South Mole island while camping not too far away, Sunsets at Noosa, Feeding the birds, An old abandon split screen kombi, fishing on a beach, more bird feeding, more usage of resort facilities and more Noosa sunsets

Top Left to right and back again. Glass House mountains where we spent 6 weeks working packing avocados and picking strawberries. 3 Beaches. Pier at Hervey bay. Another palm lined beach. A pelican and Paul fishing at Hervey Bay. Fraser Island ship wreck we went with a French couple and 3 Dutch guys we met at a caravan park and ended up renting a house with. 4 more beaches.

Photos from northern Queensland. We traveled to Whitsunday Island and South mole Island and camped on them for a week. An the on odd photo is a local Aboriginal (is that not politically correct?) painting up our didgeridoo at the market at Bowen
More northern Queensland, from left to right and then repeat: Sunset, surfboard on agnus waters beach, the next 6 of cape hillsbourough, the next 2 climbing a coconut tree in Bowen, 3 more sunsets, 3 more beaches.

Top left to right and down and around and lastly the middle picture: 3 pictures working on the strawberry farm, city lights and bush fire in Townsville, beach, using the resort facilities at south mole island, o what a lovely bunch of coconuts finding out first coconuts just above Bunderberg, next 2 photos Fraser island, next 4 photos view of Townsville, Whitsunday island sunscreen smiley face, Whitsunday island just before we went snorkeling, sunset on Whitsunday island, strawberry farm where we worked, cape Hillsbourough, Agnes waters, strawberry farm where we worked.

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