Monday, 11 February 2013


This week has been a very productive week in the garden, with a lot of the vegetables retiring to the freezer so I can use them in winter. Zucchinis and tomato have been most productive, so those are what I have preserved.


14 eggs
6 g Bay leaves
4559 g Tomato
5597 g Zucchini
639 g Kale
1540 g Cabbage
634 g Beetroot
627 g Silver beet/Swiss chard
3074 g Trombonico marrow

TOTAL 16.676 Kilos of food and 14 eggs!

Black Russian and Big Yellow Tomato

Trombonico Marrow


Silver beet/Swiss Chard

Red Cabbage

Tri coloured Zucchini White (pale green), green and yellow.

Very bountiful crop of tomatoes 

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