Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I have a lot of people I follow on social media who are also trying to conceive and I get saddened everyday of the bitterness they show towards women who fall pregnant. They feel they need to vent every time there is a pregnancy announcement, 'oh she has 5 kids and yesterday she popped out twins, what about me'. I understand the pain these women face on a daily basis! I have lived that pain! But bitterness doesn't help any situation! I have been on the receiving end of fantastic news by friends and although I find my self sad sometimes I am not sad at their news it's completely opposite I am over the moon that they get to experience the joy that is pregnancy and a new baby gives and that they do not need to go through the struggles that I and others walk. I am sad because I can't experience that joy (again), that I don't get to hold a newborn in my arms.

Sometimes I needed to check out of life and focus on myself, and I encourage anyone who is struggling to do this. Don't go onto social media, or to whatever group it is that everyone is having babies at, just for a few weeks until you get out of your funk.  I was never bitter and the fantastic news that was given to me, instead I enjoyed newborn smuggles!

I needed an outlet, a lot of my friends don't know the journey that my husband and I have been on and I felt my blog was the best place for this. I am sorry if I have offended anyone but there is no place for bitterness in my heart!


  1. Totally get this! I am only ever happy for my friends when they get pregnant. Sometimes I will go home and be sad, but that's only happened twice. Usually I'm upbeat and positive as I know it will happen for me soon!

    1. Definitely! It makes me so frustrated when I read their comments, and saddened that they need to live like that!


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