Saturday, 4 May 2013


It was a lovely autumn day the other day, so I thought I would potter around the garden for a while. These are some pictures on the progress of my garden.

The zucchini looked sad for a few weeks but has picked up again and has started reproducing!
These are the capsicums I planted in late 2011, this is their second season and still going strong. I am hoping they will last until next summer and some more!
This is one of many cauliflower and broccoli beds. I am hoping that I get some soon! But think I have to wait a couple more months!
The broad beans are doing well, they are around 30 cm tall and look like they might be starting to flower.
More broad beans
Some lettuce
Some more lettuce
And some more lettuce with a stray tomato plant that has popped up unseasonably from one of the fallen tomatoes this summer.
The kale has had a new lease on life. With new shoots coming from where I have picked the old stalks. 
The parsley needs a chop. I may freeze some for stocks or I may make some tabbouleh.
The silver beet is doing really well and needs to be harvested. I may freeze this lot to use in cannelloni during winter.


  1. I vote tabbouleh! I'll show you how the Arabs make it :)

  2. Hey Nat, nice to see you still have some summer veges still going this late, I've still got 2 capsicum plants going, but I think we're getting to late for the fruit to ripen, we've had excellent daytime temps all April, but the nights have gotten chilly.
    Where do you access your straw from? That's is one issue I've had for years, no straw retailers around here, so I've had to do with sugarcane mulch, unfortunately strawberries don't like it.
    Will you be freezing some veges for winter, like beans?

    1. It is nice :D these plants are a couple of summers old and hopefully they will survive another cold Melbourne winter. I do freeze my excess veggies like tomato (those that weren't jarred) zucchini for soup, broccoli and whatever else is in excess. I get my straw from one of the local farms (usually around 20 minutes away and I buy in bulk and use it for the chooks and then the veggies) that are advertising on gumtree or ebay cheap (I paid $8 a bale this time but last time I paid $2.50) the local pet supply usually has them as well but are marked up quite a bit.

    2. Hey Nat, Have you ever tried Diggers heirloom 'Baby sun beans'? they grow lower in bush form than other string beans, and they taste just as good, I have excess seeds, so I could send them to you with the other seeds if you wish. cheers, Rob

  3. Your broad beans are looking really healthy. Mine less so, as I'm experimenting with growing some in shade. I will plant some in the sun as well as I love them and don't want to miss out.

    1. They are doing really well! I would plant some in full some as well just in case :D


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