Thursday, 8 August 2013


I am a bit behind posting this week, as we started off with some computer issues. But things are picking up in the garden and this week marks the start of tomato sowing season. I think I will start to sow some on the weekend and pop them in the green house, so we can get ready for the bumper summer season, and the arrival of new life. This summer is set to be a busy one. The renovations will hopefully be over by the time bubba Will arrives, but the veggie patch is a daily task with the warmer weather, encouraging things to flourish! Hopefully I can garden when bubba sleeps, and lets hope he sleeps like his brother did (sleeping was NEVER an issue for us!)! And Israel will as always love any excuse to get outside and get his hand dirty. We are thinking about our summer vacation, keeping in mind we will have a one month old. I don't want to go somewhere too hot, but the reality is that it will be an Aussie summer, and it's always hot. So I was think Tasmania as the averages there are always 10-15 degrees lower than mainland Australia. But by then we would have spent all our saving on renovations so it may be unrealistic in us getting there. So I think the verdict is somewhere closer, and possibly in the hills where it is a bit cooler. But I digress and onto the tally we go!

29/7/13 - 4/8/13

7 eggs
684 grams cauliflower
20 grams parsley
2 grams bayleaf


Israel loves to collect snails when we go out into the garden! There was no shortage on this day! 


  1. Quite odd to read about you sowing your tomatoes when I here in Vancouver BC am reaping mine!

    1. Haha it is interesting hearing about what everyone around the world is up to in their garden!


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