Friday, 9 August 2013


It's a cold and dreary day in Melbourne today, with the rain falling and the wind blowing. I am grateful that our ducted heating was installed last night, after we had plastered the nursery, the hole in the roof for the vent remained uncut, therefore we had to remain in the cold. But because of that we found that half of the pipes were disconnected from the vents! Now hopefully we won't be in a cold house anymore and our heating bill will be reduced!

What better thing to do on a winters day than craft? I thought I would make a cute card for an overseas online friend, to let her know I am think of her! 

With cute little envelopes hanging on a line.
A Little Note....To Say I Am Thinking Of You
The line is held on with split pins and finished with a cute bow
The envelopes are made by cutting out a house shape.
And then cutting the 'roof' off
They are adhered to the line with some double sided tape.
The base of the card is recycled cardboard, with a smaller hessian square cut out and PVA glued in the middle. (the white glue will dry clear.)
The line is held on with split pins
The rectangle part of the envelope is placed behind the line and the triangle double sided taped over it. Outline the envelopes and you are done!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!! No wonder your house is always so cold! Never been so happy to hear of someone's heater being reconnected! All that hot air must have just been blowing nowhere!

    Also, super cute card! You're a clever cookie!!

    1. I know, it heated up so quickly and there were no more cold spots WOOOHOOOO! So mystery solved to why my house has been incredibly cold! Thanks :D

  2. This is ADORABLE! So, so cute! I think a lot of people will appreciate that they can make it easily with the tools at hand. I am pinning it to Pinterest. Great idea! Thank you for linking up with Inspired Sunday at Sunday View!

  3. By the way, the link to my name above went to an old Google account. The current account is linked to this second comment. Sorry about that...

    1. Thank-you and thanks for stopping by! (and no worries)

  4. Adorable! Thanks for linking up this project on Friday's Five Features as well!

  5. Hi Nathalie! I featured your card at the Inspired Sunday blog party! Come on over and grab a button to display on your blog. Love this card! Happy Sunday.


  6. This is too cute and a great easy to follow tutorial! Visiting from Sunday View!


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