Sunday, 13 January 2013


I have been looking forward to visiting Angourie green and blue pools for 5 years, when I was first told of them. The people who told us about them, couldn't remember where they were so I have also been searching for them for 5 years. I accidentally came across them as I was researching places to visit. The blue pool was closed due to blue green algae so we didn't swim in there. But the green pool was okay so we had a lovely swim in there. The pools were formed when they were quarrying the area for rocks I think I read they were to form one of the ocean rock walls to fight erosion. As the crew knocked off one night, they left all their machinery at the bottom (as usual) and the next day and on arrival to work the quarry was filled with fresh water as they had hit a natural spring.

This is the view of ocean from the blue pool
Blue Pool
Green Pool
Green Pool

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