Saturday, 12 January 2013


I had never seen these in Melbourne, but found them at a tiny food market in Coffs Harbour. She assured me that they were available in Melbourne but at $100/kg rather than $20 odd per kilo that I paid.  I later discovered them at a local green grocer that stocks a lot of exotic fruits and vegetables they were $50 per kilo. if you are wanting to give them a go 5 of them cost me $2 so you should be able to try one at a reasonable rate. She said it goes well squeezed over salads, over seafood and in drinks. They are slightly more bitter but not as tart as commercial limes. They are easier to use as you do not juice it as you regularly would rather pop out the little caviar like egg juice capsules. Delicious in drinks and looking forward to using them further in my culinary journey. A bonus is they are a native fruit, which like to be grown in a more tropical environment. 

The inside of the fruit. All you do is give it a squeeze and they pop out!

Native Australian finger lime

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